Duel with Sefiro

Duel with Sefiro

If you are eager to try an exciting game, involving some extraterrestrial life, you are welcome to taste Duel with Sefiro. Fight and fuck till the end!

A fucker from outer space

The alien Nano made an emergency landing on the planet Earth. Certainly, people took it as an invasion and sent a blonde named Sefiro to him as the best fighter of the secret organization. The girl was supposed to find out the alien’s plans, but instead, she decided to give him a fight. You are expected to help the alien to defeat Sefiro. This chick is really good at fighting. Use punching with tentacles to damage the busty bitch. Fill the damage scale on the left, and then punish the beauty by fucking her you’re your tentacle and sucking her boobs.


Use the following keys to control the alien and finally defeat the aggressive bitch:

  1. Movement – left-right arrows
  2. A blow from above – up arrow
  3. A blow from below – down arrow

After the girl falls on the floor, keep pressing the arrow up or down to fuck her.

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