Full disclosure of sexual Alicia

Full disclosure of sexual Alicia

If you are fond of sex games that have a medical plot, you are welcome to try the Full disclosure of sexual Alicia. Here you will have a good hospital fuck and unforgettable sensations.

Alicia wants to have a good fuck!

Our protagonist works as a doctor. Tina, a sexy nurse helps him. They are a good and effective team when it comes to treating patients. Today, Alicia came to our character. The poor girl asked for help because the beauty has some strange disease. In fact, she just lacks sex. She hasn’t fucked for a long time. You are expected to help Alicia to cure her sexual addiction. For this purpose, you require examining her body. You also need to do a slew of other necessary procedures. Along with Tina, you need to fuck the sexy brunette. However, keep in mind that the game has several endings and the outcome of which is influenced by your decisions.

Some tips

While putting a stethoscope on her body, you require clicking with the right mouse button on her boobs in two positions just to increase her excitement gage to 100%.

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