Girl Friends Nine

Girl Friends Nine

Girl Friends Nine for Android devices combines the features of a dating simulator and the traditional Monopoly game. However, instead of traditional factories and hotels, you will see hot beauties. It’s up to you to determine the outcome of another trip to the cinema or a coffee date.

You can choose from 9 charming girls at once.

Among them, there are beautiful sportswomen, local fashion queens, and even student girls. Certainly, each of them requires a special approach. What was good for one, won’t work with another.

Would you like to speed up the process of winning girls’ hearts? Take the risk of taking a special task. Yes, it’s going to be difficult to accomplish it. However, risky guys deserve the right to win.

Key features of the game

  1. 9 chicks, ready to give you a good fuck;
  2. Addictive and unpredictable gameplay;
  3. A special album for photos of your victories;
  4. Several answers to the great question: “What to say to a girl”;
  5. Funny graphics in the style of anime.
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